Helpful Tips

Claim Tips

  • Never accept liability
  • All incidents must be reported immediately.
  • Always secure all damaged property
  • Take all reasonable steps to mitigate loss


Property Tips

  • Buildings and contents should be insured at the present replacement cost.
  • Building values should be inclusive of professional fees, debris removal and all taxes.
  • VAT will be deducted from a claim settlement once your company is VAT registered.
  • Policy penalties are applied when you under insure.
  • Valuables are fully covered only when supported by valuations.
  • Jewellery should be covered on an All Risks policy.
  • A list of contents and electronic items should be provided.
  • Items which you require cover away from the home should be noted.
  • You must provide a safe work place, training and supervision for your employees.
  • Do not relocate or renovate without giving prior notification.

Motor Tips

  • A list of all drivers should be noted on the policy.
  • All drivers’ licenses must be current.
  • All non-nationals must have visitor’s permits.
  • Drivers under 25 years and driving less than 3 yrs or undeclared carry very high deductibles.
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