St. Vincent, La Soufriere Volcano Eruption

Tradewinds is committed to helping you understand the situation and how that relates to your insurance coverage.

La Soufriere Volcano in St. Vincent erupted on 9th April 2021 and is currently an ongoing catastrophic event with multiple explosive eruptions. 

The volcanic ash from La Soufriere has blown over Barbados which has negatively impacted the island. 

Prime Minister Mia Mottley has advised to commence the “clean up” in Barbados and not let the ash build up although there are water restraints. 

Volcanic Eruption is covered by your insurance policy and like all major catastrophic perils (Hurricane, Windstorm, Earthquake, Tsunami) there is a 2% of the sum insured deductible / excess. 

Barbados carries one of the lowest catastrophic deductibles in the Caribbean.

2% is the minimum catastrophic deductible available in the local and international market with regards to Barbados. There is no option for a lower catastrophic deductible for Barbados. 

A Deductible / Excess is the amount you would self insure when you make a claim. 

Examples of how the 2% Catastrophic Deductible / Excess applies: 

$5m property x 2% = $100k Deductible
$2m property x 2% = $40k Deductible
$1m property x 2% = $20k Deductible
$500k property x 2% = $10k Deductible
$250k property x2% = $5k Deductible

$1m contents x 2% = $20k Deductible
$500k contents x 2% = $10k Deductible
$250k contents x 2% = $5k Deductible
$100k contents x2% = $2.5k Deductible

The catastrophe excess applies to each occurrence giving rise to loss or damage. For the purpose of this excess an incident shall not be considered to have terminated until there has been (72) seventy-two consecutive hours freedom from the event. After this period, the catastrophe excess shall apply afresh. 


  • Volcanic eruption is an insured catastrophic peril
  • All reasonable steps should be taken to mitigate loss and damage (i.e. clean up of ash and debris, clearing of drains/gutters etc)
  • Photographs of any loss and damage should be taken
  • Bills, estimates and receipts for any costs incurred should be kept, complied and submitted
  • The 2% Catastrophe Excess/Deductible will apply.

Please find link below to a claim form for completion and submission. Kindly contact us if you require help completing the claim form. 

Alternatively please contact us at claims@tradewindsbrokers.com or telephone number +1 246 422 0386.